Music Cultures of Washington, D.C. is a project that explores the many musical landscapes of the city by looking into the ways sound interacts with place. The video footage, recordings, and images here are produced by students from American University and comprise ethnographic projects the students have been working on throughout the Spring semester 2012 for the Performing Arts Department course, “Music Cultures of Washington, D.C.” The goal of this project is to share these sounds, images, and stories with others in Washington, D.C.–American University students and faculty, the participants/ informants in the project, and those wanting to learn about the many diverse musical scenes in the D.C. metro area. Our hopes are that this site and the projects that are a part of it will serve as a resource for ongoing learning and exchange.

Please enjoy exploring the many musical faces of Washington, D.C. through the eyes and ears of American University’s “Music Cultures of Washington, D.C.” course.


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