Alternative Gay Nightlife in Washington, D.C.

Some background on Evan George’s project on alternative gay nightlife in DC

“Alternative Gay Night Life in Washington DC” is a brief look at current gay culture in Washington, D.C., in response to queer theory.  It explores the various nightlife options and the differences between the “mainstream” and “alternative,” through the eyes of a DJ heavily involved in the (questionably existent) “alternaqueer” scene in Washington DC.

Evan became interested in researching the topic after attending events at Black Cat and seeing a connection between the venue and the gay community.  He started to notice other gay nightlife events in various venues around the city and became curious about the overlapping of “gay” and “straight” venues and events, and their relationship with an alternative musical subculture.  Although Evan had been to a few “alternative” gay nightlife events, he felt like the scene lacked unity and organization; advertisements for gay alternative dance nights sometimes seemed ambiguous, or even nonexistent.  Evan wanted to find out why that was.

Alternative Gay Nightlife podcast:

How the project changed over the semester

After Evan’s interview with DJ Josh, he became a lot more interested in the actual spaces that alternative gay events were taking place in, as they seemed to blur boundaries with straight people and events.  The use  of queer theory concepts shed light on Evan’s field research. However, he didn’t feel like it always provided the answers he was looking for, if any at all…


– to DJ Josh for agreeing to interview and being so honest
– to Professor Ayyagari for providing feedback, direction, and support
– to my classmates in “Musical Worlds of Washington DC” for constructive criticisms


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